Our Policies

Health and Safety Policies >

CMCP works to ensure that participants, staff and volunteers are healthy and safe. We ask you not to attend the program if you or your children are suffering from any of the following.  Please advise staff if you or your children have been diagnosed with an infectious disease.

  • Fever over 101°- temperature should be normal for 24 hours
  • For 24 hours after vomiting or diarrhea stops
  • Extensive skin rash
  • Has had contact with someone who has had chicken pox, strep throat, measles, mumps, lice, rubella, whooping cough, or other infectious disease.

Food and drink

A healthy snack is provided at nearly all programs and sites. Participants are welcome to make a small donation to cover costs of the snack, but are not required to do so.

Participants may bring in food and drinks, and are allowed to use a fridge and microwave (if available), but no peanut or sesame products are allowed. Participants should only eat while sitting down at designated eating areas, including the free coffee and tea beverages available for adults.

Community Complaints Policy >

College‐Montrose Childrenʹs Place recognizes that from time to time concerns may arise that need to be addressed. The purpose of this policy is to: Ensure that CMCP has a consistent values‐centered approach to concerns that is rooted in the Guiding Principles of Family Support Programs.

Accessible Customer Service Plan >

As per the College-Montrose Children’s Place Access Policy, the organization is committed to excellence in serving all customers, including people with special needs.

Privacy Policy >

As per the College-Montrose Children’s Place Privacy Policy, the organization is committed to protecting personal information is collects, uses and discloses.

To read any of our policies or procedures please ask a staff member at any of our directly operated sites.