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Family Drop In: Italian/English Bilingual Circle

9:45-10:25: Nature Built Cabin. Let’s make a cabin for the small animals outside. You will need:

  • Small stones, sticks, tree bark, grass, etc.
  • Play dough or Salt dough…
Easiest Salt Dough Recipe:

1 cupful of plain flour (about 250g)

1/2 a cupful of table salt (about 125g)

1/2 a cupful of warm water (about 125ml)

Mix dry ingredients together first – then add water.

Stir together in a bowl – then knead the dough into a smooth ball.

10:30 – 11:00: Circle Time

11:00-12:15: Active Kids – 7 Anishnawbe Grandfather Teachings. Let’s head outside to look for 7 of the same items, we’ll count together and learn about these teachings:

  • 7 rocks, pine cones, leaves or sticks.
  • The Great outdoors!


Jun 03 2021


9:30 am - 12:00 pm
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