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Family Drop-in

Join us for a Circle Time featuring sign language songs & stories!
We acknowledge and celebrate Deaf History Month – March 13- April 15

9:45-10:25: “I love Play” ASL Sign Poster – You will need: Construction paper, glue, scissors, and anything else you would like to create with. We’ll trace and cut out our hands using construction paper; then fold down the 2 middle fingers to make the sign for “play” Glue the “play” sign onto the middle of a large piece of construction paper and then embellish to show all the ways you love to play! Adults support with printing words to go with the pictures.

11:00-12:15: Sign language Story Time and Pretend! We’ll share a short story using ASL sign language and then use our ASL signs and our whole bodies to act out the story!

For families with children aged newborn to 6 yrs. Join in the family fun with circle time, interactive children’s activities, and opportunities to meet staff and other families and access resources & referrals.

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Children's Activity
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Apr 15 2021


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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