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Family Drop In: Glitterbug Pride Celebratory Circle

 9:45-10:25: Pride Family Banner! Let’s celebrate by making a big painted banner full of colour and PRIDE symbols. When it is dry we can hang it on our balcony or porch to announce our allegiance with all our 2SLGBTQ friends! We will need:

  • Banner paper or several pieces of paper taped together
  • Paint in every colour of the rainbow
  • Brushes (or use your hands!)

Remember to cover your work surface with newsprint and have a rag ready to clean up messes. You may wish to do this painting outside for easy clean up and less mess!

 Don’t forget to register for an April Activity kit to get the materials you’ll need to complete this activity

 10:30 – 11: Circle Time

11:00-12:15: PRIDE Party with Glitterbug! You will need: your awesome PRIDE dance costume and the PRIDE flags you made in the first activity


Jun 22 2021


9:30 am - 12:30 pm
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