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We support families through our Free Programs that unite the community.

Check our Program Calendars for dates, times and location or call us at 416.532-8100

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The St. Helen's Program will be closed until May 2020 while Mary McCormick CC undergoes renovations.  Please call 416 532-8100 to find alternative programs.

“The friendly environment and staff. Interaction between babies, kids and staff is fantastic. I believe the centre has helped my baby develop social and play skills. I feel it is an irreplaceable resource. What a wonderful program.”

– Patricia, CMCP participant

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Give your kids the best possible start in life – and have fun together!

Learn more about our Play and Learn family drop-ins, ongoing programs, workshops and support groups.


Play and Learn Drop-In

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Parents, caregivers and children are welcome to drop in to our program and enjoy our friendly atmosphere.

This is a community-based program, designed and planned to facilitate family support and provide a place where children, families and caregivers can interact, learn and play together. Here, children have the opportunity to engage in many structured, open-ended, play-based activities, while families have a chance to expand their social support networks and strengthen their parenting and caregiving skills. Please see the list below for the services we offer during our drop-in.

“Friendly, warm, staff. Age/developmentally appropriate children’s activities – SUPERB! EXCELLENT! Met other parents who are now some of my best friends.

– Nga, CMCP participant

Family support and education:

  • Families can informally discuss a variety of relevant subjects regarding child rearing and child development. 
  • Our staff and/or one of our many community partners facilitate discussions. 
  • Participants are asked to inform us which topics they desire most. 
  • Families connect with staff, volunteers and other families on an ongoing basis. 
  • Information and resources are shared and mutual peer support is developed.

Information and referral services

Circle Time

Snack Time

Resource library

Parent relief and occasional/emergency childcare, and

Caregiver registry

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Ongoing Programs/Services

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  • Nurturing Development
  • Early Abilities Speech and Language Program
  • Young Parents Connect
  • School Readiness
  • Kindergym
  • Community Kitchen
  • Mat Chats
  • Participant Breakfast Meetings
  • Dad’s Drop-in
  • Summer Parks Program

“It is a warm, welcoming environment. The staff are always willing to help new parents. It is a great place to create a support network.” 

– Daniel, CMCP participant

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Workshops and support groups

MTC graduates

At various times of the year, we offer a range of evidence-based workshops in health and nutrition, positive behaviour guidance and child development in collaboration with our community partners. Here are some examples:

  • Living and Learning with Baby
  • Make the Connection (0 to 24 months)
  • Rainbow Fun
  • Family Math
  • Family Literacy
  • Parenting groups in Portuguese, Chinese and English
  • Nobody’s Perfect
  • Kids Have Stress Too
  • Caregiver Training
  • Peer Nutrition Program
  • Relaxation and Stress Management for Adults

For dates, times and locations, see our Calendar or call us at 416-532-9485, extension 221.

“This is a place where families can come and play together, learn and participate in workshops and meet other parents, friendly staff – a great community resource.” 

– Charlissa, CMCP participant

“CMCP is where I learned how to be a dad.”

– Steve, CMCP participant

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