The Family Fun Festival is over, but not the fun! The memories live on, and the moments we witnessed of you and your loved ones continue to touch us.


It was even educational! Here are 5 things we learned about families having fun:

1) How important it is to support families and create community in doing so.

2) What a joy it is to see families we’ve not seen in a while, and to see how the kids have grown.

3) How amazing it is to meet other members of people’s families.

4) That there are always families yearning for what CMCP offers, who stumble upon the festival.

5) What a treat it is to witness people having fun.


But fun of this scope doesn’t just materialize – we don’t have a magic lamp with a genie inside.

What we do have is support from this incredible community.  Thank you!!


As well as our special friends


     Ryan Couvrette


          + Tozuka Band + The Little Paper + Toronto Police + Toronto Fire Department + Toronto Public Library + Birthmark + Parkdale Queen West CHC + TCCSA + West Neighbourhood House ++ Belly Bake Shop + COBS + Racquel – New Leaf Foundation + Dianna Santos + + Europa Catering + Pavao Meats +Venezia Bakery + De La Terre bakery + Caldense Bakery + + Epicure +

Our dedicated planning commitee and all of our wonderful volunteers

Lastly, all of you. Yes, you, our cherished families. The generosity we received from so many of you was beyond our wildest expectations. We set an ambitious goal this year, and not only reached it, but soared past it, raising the most ever for The Big Toddle!!!












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